Sunday, February 10, 2013

Are You Nagged? "Yes Dear, I Will Clean the Carpets This Weekend"

Every morning for the past two weeks all you've heard is, "When are you going to clean our carpets? They look terrible. I don't even want to invite my friends or family over because this place feels and looks filthy. Fred, get off your butt and do it!"
What a miserable way to start out your day, right? Well, you're not alone. I believe every man in the world is confronted with a morning 'acid wash' of complaints and criticism. It's just so hard to paint a smile on your face and say, "Yes Dear."
I felt the same way for years and then made a life saving discovery.
Did you know that new technology has been brought into home owned carpet cleaners? Today's technology is like a breath of fresh air for you when you're confronted with this miserable task.
I know because a friend told me about it and I immediately moved on it.
Some of today's major manufacturers of vacuum cleaners and carpet shampooing machines have introduced technology that didn't exist a year ago.
The machine I bought has a grouping of brushes that are driven by a powerful motor. The brushes introduce chemical cleaning solutions to the carpet surface and then dig deeply into the fabric to remove any and all dust, stains, grime, spills and dirt.
Added to that, they now have an extra tank of DEEP CLEANING chemicals specifically for removing stains. Stains that were driving my lady absolutely up the wall. I run the cleaner over the stains and simply press a button and ZAP, the stain is gone.
Just yesterday I heard my lady start in. I happened to have a free morning and told her to relax and that all will be fixed in an hour.
It was so simple. I went to the closet, removed my new machine, filled it with the fluids necessary and stated in. In less than an hour our place was bright and shiny again.
More importantly, the incredible feelings I have had for this wonderful woman returned when she commented, "Wow! How did you do that in less than an hour? And, it looks beautiful."
You see, this task of carpet cleaning could be detrimental to the relationship that you hold so dearly. Give in to it and fix the problem.
Next week you too will be enjoying the warmth, caring and love of your most precious relationship.
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tips To Successfully Manage A Property

To manage a commercial property successfully, a real estate or property manager needs to set certain rules and stay focused on the key tasks related to the maintenance of property. Not doing so can distract you from your work and eventually, the managed piece of property would suffer. The upshot would be a discontented landlord. Thus, a property manager has to keep everything under control that can spell disaster. Besides, they need to be extremely intelligent for grasping the various issues which come their way.
In real estate management, the tasks to be handled are detailed and thus, call for a great deal of hard work. For instance, you need to collect rent from the tenants on time, follow up on the arrears, maintain the property as per landlord's instructions, prepare monthly financial reports, communicate current issues to the landlord, and so on. You also have to prepare budgets for the income, as well as expenditure. In order to have optimal performance and stay ahead of the competitors, it is crucial to put your best foot forward while performing all these duties. Besides, you should value the tenants and thus, spare no effort to keep them happy and satisfied. For instance, immediately responding to the tenant requests can strengthen your relationship with them. As a professional property manager, you should have good contacts with other experts that you often need. This would make sure that you do not find hard to seek contractors for completing the maintenance tasks or handymen for performing the repair works.
There are some more tips that can help you to successfully manage a property. For instance, you should keep the property owner informed about all the current issues, pertaining to the property. Taking written note of conversations with the tenants, contractors and all third parties can provide you with an accurate record. To earn respect and win trust of the tenants, communicating with them regularly would be a good move. Besides, stick to the rules set by the landlord regarding property performance. Time is a best resource for a property manager, so keep a good schedule for each and every day. Make sure that not even a single minute goes waste when you are at work. If the set routine gets derailed, due to one or the other reason, then cover up for the loss the next day.
While reporting to landlord, make sure to cover all key issues, like income, expenditure, tenants, leases, budgets, arrears, building performance and maintenance. Besides, you should be able to manage all your reports, letter, emails, leases, negotiations, vacancies, communications, and arrears. Your success, as a professional property manager, does not only depend on your skills and efficiency but also the way your deal with your clients. Getting back to clients whenever you say that you will, for instance, can show your professionalism and that you value your clients. Lastly, it is advisable not to overlook the significance of communication and quality responses that you get from your clients. They must be your top priority.
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life: How to Have More Control in Your Life

Control - you can't control everything but the most important thing that we have 100% control of is how you interpret life. Positive thoughts and a positive outlook on events in your life can change you life!
You can't control exactly what happens to you, but you can control how you think about what happens to you and thus essentially you can control how you feel about the events in your life.
When you feel out of control - that life has you by the reigns and you feel like you are just carried along from one event to another and you feel like you are a helpless pawn - life is not enjoyable and you struggle to get what you want out of life.
The only way to give yourself back the control of your life is to take control of the one thing you will always be able to control - your thoughts and feelings. Once you master the control of your thoughts and feelings regarding the events placed in your life, you will then be able to more easily control the types of events you have in your life. When you have more control, you also have more power, and with more power you can have, be, or do more things you want in life.
So start taking control of your life NOW! Start taking a better outlook on life NOW! Understand that even when unpleasant things happen to you, the better you can feel about it, the sooner it will pass, and the sooner you can get to better things.
Take control and start changing you life NOW!
Here is a story to help you understand how you can interpret one event in two different ways; one being more positive and thus more beneficial.
In this town in China, there was an old man who had no wife and only one son. This man's son was riding his horse and fell off and broke his leg. The entire town pointed out the negative in the situation telling the man how terrible it was that his son had broken his leg. Since his son has a broken leg, he could not help the man work to make money and provide food, so everyone looked at the situation as a total disaster. However, the old man kept a positive outlook on the situation, knowing that this happened for a reason and that something good would come out of it. The old man was a deeply religious man so he prayed often asking to see the greatness come out of this event. One day, the military came into town and took all of the able men to fight. Since the old man's son had a broken leg, he was not able to fight in battle so he got to stay in the village with his elderly father. In the battle, all men died. So, the event of the old man's son breaking his leg actually saved his life.
It's all about how you look at it! Keep your thoughts positive and good things should happen to you!
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Link Between Your Eczema and Your Diet

Did you know that the Eczema condition you suffer from, and the severity of it, is directly linked to your diet-how and what you eat make huge differences with conditions like this, yet most people have no idea. Check out these tips and learn how to improve yourself from the inside out!
Tip 1- Supplements.
The simple addition of a couple of supplements into your diet can make worlds of difference. The two you want to try to get are Omega 3 Fish Oils, and Blueberry leaves supplements. The fish oils contain what's known as essential fatty acids, and these will aid your skin in repairing and regenerating itself, and also will help reduce irritation and swelling. Blueberry Leaf extract contains something called Chrologenic acid, and this is one of nature's most powerful antioxidants. It will help your skin stay clear of the bacteria and other factors that can increase Eczema irritation.
As an added bonus, it's also worth looking into some Kelp supplements. Kelp is very high in alkali content, which doesn't mean much on its own, until you find out that scientists have found that acidic foods can be directly linked to Eczema. In short, the alkali in the kelp can neutralize the acid in much of these foods, which will lessen the problems created by eating them.
Tip 2-Become a salad fanatic.
This is easier for some people than others, as it requires the eating of some serious salads. Big hearty bowls of salad, not a few strips of green spread around your fires! It's often overlooked that the nutrients gained from many salad vegetables are the ones responsible for the regeneration and repair of your skin. If you find yourself with bad skin, unhealthy hair or weak fingernails, some big salads can often help. Basically, the more of these nutrients the body takes on board, the easier it is for your body to efficiently repair itself. You can teach your body to beat Eczema by repairing the damaged skin, but only if you give it enough of the required nutrients.
Something which is essential to a salad of this nature is Alfalfa sprouts. Some people have called this amazing food a natural steroid! They are very high in protein, which helps the body regenerate, but contain many natural detoxification and anti oxidant agents, which can be a quick ticket away from the itchy red skin often associated with Eczema. Also, scientists have found links between Alfalfa sprouts and preventing DNA degeneration-this means you will look younger for longer, as the aging effect is what happens as your DNA gets broken down over the years!
I'm hoping that this article has painted the benefits of a good diet while combating Eczema in huge letters for you. Adjusting your diet really has got to be one of the simplest ways to get ahead of the condition, so why not start today?
Article by: Jeffrey Long
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What Is Growth in a Business?

Evaluating what is growth in a business, is done in a myriad of ways. I will outline some key indicators of growth in a business, what to do when those indicators arise, and how to be prepared for that growth.
The most common indicator of growth in a business is an increase in cash flow. This increase in cash flow is caused in various ways.
For example, a product may go viral or catch on in the marketplace or the value of what your business does/promotes has increased dramatically. Although these examples are very general, it illustrates a common indicator of growth in a business.
Many businesses utilize an increase in cash flow the wrong way. Whenever a business has an increase in cash flow, they should look to the business first to determine what the additional capital should be spent on.
You may want to upgrade computer software, buy new stationary or establish an emergency fund for the business if problems arise. These examples may allow an easier transition when an increase in cash flow happens, most importantly, helping the business delve into other stages of growth.
Many businesses go through periods where everything is clicking, there are no stalls in the day-to-day, and things couldn't seem greater. This is identified by my favorite indicator of growth, momentum.
Whether you are a small start-up or a multi billion dollar corporation, momentum is a key component in helping your business grow. Utilizing this momentum is beneficial in helping a business get to the next plateau (growth) and it is also a prime indicator on the timing of certain decisions, product launches, etc.
Momentum and Cash Flow are specialized areas of growth in a business, but the most important factor is innovation. This can come by way of new or better systems, products, or services and can also come by selling new or better systems, products, or services to a different market or niche.
Let's take a moment to put this example in perspective:
Business A sells barbeque/oven mitts. Business A is in a highly competitive market. Business A has been the leader in this market and sells to a general demographic opposed to a specific niche.
Business A is acquired by a new company, Business B. Business B sells silicone oven mitts at ¼ of the cost and will personalize them with your favorite team, word, or simple picture.
The above example illustrates the ability innovation has on growth in a business. Business A kept the same model and did not care about innovation. Business B figured out a way, through innovation, to grow their business exponentially.
They market to a specific niche of people, they have a lower sale price for a higher quality product, and it's customizable. Innovation led to the momentum and rise in cash flow, all fantastic illustrations of what growth in a business is.
Utilizing what I've outlined above, you too can help redefine what is growth in a business.
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finding a Shoulder Specialist After Repeated Sports Injuries

Sports can be a lot of fun, but if you have an injury, it can be frustrating. Some people are very competitive and injury after injury to the shoulders can begin to take their toll. When this happens a shoulder specialist might be necessary. If someone has a number of injuries and chooses not to go, then they might ruin their ability to use the injured shoulders in capacities other than only sports.
It is a big step for some people to visit a shoulder specialist. Many who finally try to find one probably know that they are headed for surgery. Even knowing this, it is important to get it taken care of. Muscle relaxers and heavy painkillers are only going to cover the problem.
All specialists will not be equal. In order to find a shoulder specialist that will give you the attention that you need, you should look for one who is board certified in the field of sports medicine and experienced with issues in the shoulders. You should also look for someone who is somewhat of an athlete. It is also a good idea to find a doctor with a good reputation for his or her work.
Finding someone board certified and experienced in the repair of injuries such as yours is something important to consider. It makes no sense to choose someone who is adept at knee injuries and rarely looks at those involving the shoulders.
Finding someone who is an athlete will also be beneficial for you. It is beneficial because the doctor will know where you are coming from in how you are feeling about your situation. He or she will know how you feel about getting back into your sport. The doctor will likely do his or her best to help you get back to your sport as soon as possible, if at all possible.
The reputation of a shoulder specialist is also something to consider. It is important to find someone that is known in the area for working with sports medicine and doing a good job with it. Although you cannot always depend on what others say about a medical practice. It is often an accurate representation of how things really are.
Once you consider these areas, you will hopefully have a good idea of which shoulder specialist will be the best for your needs. Do not put off going out of fear. Things will only get worse if you wait.
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Monday, February 4, 2013

Royal Jelly Is Great Food For Humans

Have you come across a milky substance called royal jelly? This is a bee product which is alternatively called bee's milk. It is manufactured by the nurse worker bees as food for the queen and larva. They secrete this milk from their glands located on top of their heads. The worker bee larvae are fed royal jelly in the first few days of their lives. Because of this they become bigger, heavier and healthier. The same case applies to the queen and worker bees that are likely to become queens in the future. They are fed this substance throughout their life in order to stay fertile and strong.
When a queen is an adult, her weight is two times that of a worker bee. Research has been going on regarding the importance of royal jelly to humans. It is proven to consist of a large amount of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes, hormones, minerals and glucides among other substances. The B vitamins in this substance are required by the human body. These include vitamin B1, B2, and B6. Other vitamins entail vitamin A, C, D, and E. Bee's milk also contains biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid and inositol.
If you are looking to add pantothenic acid to your body, be sure to consume this milk more. It has 17 times as much pantothenic acid as the amount contained in dry pollen. What you are likely to adore more about this product are its healing properties. It is the best remedy for stress, tiredness, insomnia and related problems. Do you have chest issues such as bronchial asthma? This is certainly the only solution you have. Diseases that affect your bones and joints such as arthritis, atherosclerosis and gouts can easily be healed by royal jelly. Illnesses that occur in your abdomen and surrounding organs like intestines, kidneys, pancreas and liver can also be alleviated or controlled via bee's milk.
Some of you suffer from reproductive issues. If you have polycystic ovarian syndrome, for instance, you have just found a possible solution. Royal jelly is thought to help women who have this serious condition. Those who wish to rejuvenate their libido could as well take this bee product. It is good for both men and women. Those who want to rejuvenate their mind and nervous system are also advised to consume this milky substance. Some of these people develop severe or mild symptoms of diseases that affect their memory. A good example would be Alzheimer's.
Because bee's milk contains gamma globulin, it can get rid of Alzheimer's signs. It is also great for the skin of those who have pre-mature aging. Symptoms such as wrinkles, faint lines around the eyes, pimple spots and other blemishes can be cleared by royal jelly after a specific period. You need to follow instructions for any royal jelly product that you buy. This is important because you want to avoid possible side effects and achieve great results. This bee item is known to promote youthfulness and beauty too. You should apply it topically to get great results.
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