Sunday, February 10, 2013

Are You Nagged? "Yes Dear, I Will Clean the Carpets This Weekend"

Every morning for the past two weeks all you've heard is, "When are you going to clean our carpets? They look terrible. I don't even want to invite my friends or family over because this place feels and looks filthy. Fred, get off your butt and do it!"
What a miserable way to start out your day, right? Well, you're not alone. I believe every man in the world is confronted with a morning 'acid wash' of complaints and criticism. It's just so hard to paint a smile on your face and say, "Yes Dear."
I felt the same way for years and then made a life saving discovery.
Did you know that new technology has been brought into home owned carpet cleaners? Today's technology is like a breath of fresh air for you when you're confronted with this miserable task.
I know because a friend told me about it and I immediately moved on it.
Some of today's major manufacturers of vacuum cleaners and carpet shampooing machines have introduced technology that didn't exist a year ago.
The machine I bought has a grouping of brushes that are driven by a powerful motor. The brushes introduce chemical cleaning solutions to the carpet surface and then dig deeply into the fabric to remove any and all dust, stains, grime, spills and dirt.
Added to that, they now have an extra tank of DEEP CLEANING chemicals specifically for removing stains. Stains that were driving my lady absolutely up the wall. I run the cleaner over the stains and simply press a button and ZAP, the stain is gone.
Just yesterday I heard my lady start in. I happened to have a free morning and told her to relax and that all will be fixed in an hour.
It was so simple. I went to the closet, removed my new machine, filled it with the fluids necessary and stated in. In less than an hour our place was bright and shiny again.
More importantly, the incredible feelings I have had for this wonderful woman returned when she commented, "Wow! How did you do that in less than an hour? And, it looks beautiful."
You see, this task of carpet cleaning could be detrimental to the relationship that you hold so dearly. Give in to it and fix the problem.
Next week you too will be enjoying the warmth, caring and love of your most precious relationship.
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